March 14, 2010

Yummy Food in Not-So-Great Locations

Friday night Jay and I went to dinner with my parents. We ate at Flancer's, one of our favorite places.... incredible sandwiches (hey, I just realized that's their actual slogan, but it's true!) and awesome french onion soup (Jay hates onions, but loves the soup... go figure!). If you haven't already, try the "It's About Thyme" chicken sandwich, and/or "Two Tickets to Paradise" shrimp sandwich. Yum!

Then we went to Lombardo's Gelato for dessert. It's hard to find good gelato in the United States, so this was a great find (apparently my dad is a frequent visitor since it's located next to his barber shop).

[Bummer for me... I couldn't have any because I'm doing the "No Sugar Baby" 30-Day Challenge from Dixie. (Half-way there!)]

Anyway, here's the scoop.... very reasonable prices, excellent product, and lively conversation with the sweet owner's wife of this family owned and run business. The cups look small, but they really load them up. Give it a try!

It was Jay's first time to eat gelato; he thought he had died and gone to heaven. He had the "Hazelnut Crunch" and said it tasted exactly like a Godiva chocolate. I'm drooling just thinking about it! I think I will be heading there in about 2 weeks.....

What do these two places have in common? They both have fabulous eats, and they are both located in dumpy strip malls. So, don't judge a restaurant by it's location.


  1. OK, Flancer's is my Dad's favorite. I think we had it for Christmas Eve dinner several years in a row. And gelato -- well nothing beats good gelato.

  2. We LOVE Flanders for all the exact same things!! :-)


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