May 21, 2011

Collin's 12th Birthday

Collin had some friends over to celebrate his 12th birthday.  (I can't believe he is so "old."  It's scary.)  I made pizza and they ate a bunch of other junk too, and, of course, cake and ice cream.  They also played basketball and tag, watched a movie outside in the backyard, and played frisbee with a pizza that I accidentally forgot about on the grill.  It was black, and they thought it was hilarious.  That's 12-year-old boys for you.  This was a few days before his birthday.

On his actual birthday, both sets of grandparents dropped by with money (the most exciting gift at this age), and my parents also brought a candy gram.


But the following Sunday was the best of all.... Jay ordained Collin a deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood.  Both his grandfathers also participated.  He is named after both of these great men.  Collin is such a good boy and we are very proud of him.


  1. Alice, what movie did they watch? I'm trying to find a good one for Elliot's birthday party.

  2. They watched an EDITED version of "Monte Python and the Holy Grail." We watched the new "Sorcerer's Apprentice" the other night and Collin loved it. Check out my other blog for some other ideas.

  3. Love seeing the pic of your parents. Say 'hi' to them for me!

  4. I love boys birthday parties! I have 2 coming up!



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