June 21, 2011

The Whole Wide World

I couldn't resist making my own map after my sister-in-law posted hers.

visited 22 states (44%)
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Actually, there are probably a few that I forgot because I visited them when I was so young that I don't remember.  So, I will just have to go again someday.

As for countries, here is how it looks for me:

visited 13 states (5.77%)
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Of course, this map is deceiving because it appears as if I have traveled to every US State (obviously, I have not), and extensively through Canada (have not).  And it's so small you can't tell which European countries I have visited (UK, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland).  

I have a ways to go.

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  1. The red Australia makes me smile. What a great trip that was! :)


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