March 08, 2013

Treat Your Employees Well

So, occasionally I give in to my hungry kids and stop at the Taco Bell drive thru on a busy day.  It's cheap and my kids prefer it over most other fast food.  Though Taco Bell food isn't particularly healthy at least most of it has SOME nutritional value compared to burgers and fries.  (When I'M hungry and fast food is my only option I will choose a salad at Wendy's.) 

Now, fast food joints are not known for their friendly staff and excellent customer service. However, every time I have gone to a Taco Bell (and not just locally) I have been impressed with how friendly, cheerful and helpful the staff is, regardless of their age or gender.  I have consciously thought each time, "One of these days I'm going to say something, or write a letter telling them how nice it is."  Many years ago my friend Laura's example helped me realize how important it is to take the time to make positive comments to retail and other service businesses, rather than just making complaints, as we most often do. 

Today it happened again.  As I purchased a few burritos for my almost-14-year-old son, who apparently is always "starving," I noticed how patient and smiling the cashier was and how cheerful and friendly the girl who gave us the food was.  Since there wasn't a line behind me I finally seized the moment and said, "I just wanted to tell you that every time I come here I am impressed with how nice and helpful everyone is."  She smiled and said, "Thank you!"  Then I said, "They must treat you well."  Her smile got bigger and she nodded as she said, "Oh yes, they do." 

I should have known.  Actually, I did know.  When you treat people well they are happy and they behave well.  When employers treat their staff well they end up with happy and helpful employees.  It's pretty simple.  And that's a good lesson for a mom to learn too. 

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