November 05, 2008

I think I love a bunch of strangers!

Have I told you all lately how wonderful you are? Well you are! Thank you for all your kind words of love and encouragement and support. I can't tell you how much it means to me. It warms my heart to read nice comments. I don't even know most of you, but I can tell you are GOOD PEOPLE!



  1. Well, I've been a lurker for a while now. I think its safe to say I love a few strangers too - you included. I love stopping by and reading what you're up to. I can just tell you're "good people!"

    God bless -


    PS - I want to hear you sing.
    PSS - Your children are adorable
    PSSS - Your faith and strength encourage me. I love my sister in laws - but I sure wish I could have you too.

  2. I agree with the above comment about Alice being a Good People. I am amazed at all the strength the whole family has in supporting and helping Christian and Stephanie in their recovery process, which is going to take a few years at best.
    I love to read the posts that get posted on here, and look forward them daily.

  3. I too am amazed at the strength of both the Nielson & Clark families. I have only been reading since the accident. Doug Kinneard was in my ward and so I have been able to see his sweet wifes strength. I too share a love with your families for Bluewater NM I grew upo there until I was 16, and still have many family ties to Grants NM...YOur families are always in my thoughts and prayers....Your faith has moved mountains for people of other faiths....keep it up...

  4. Alice, we don't know each other and I found your blog randomly, but I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration. I'm getting married soon (eeps!!) and I'm all of a sudden thankful for my own sister, as well as the sisters I'm going to have after I get married! Your faith and love for your family is so admirable. I think you're doing an awesome job at being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, friend, etc... : )

  5. well let me fire that right back at you! you and your family are GOOD PEOPLE. and AMAZING people for sharing your story with all of us. we really do appreciate it! xox

  6. :)


  7. Good Gosh Alice, you're a friggin celebrity!;) 26 comments? That's probably my total for the year! ;)
    Loved the costumes. We missed the cousins the year. Seeing Darth Vader and his cutie pie son was heartwarming. I really enjoy hearing your perspective on the whole thing. You are a good sister and sister in law. I feel blessed.

  8. I"m sorry that there have been people who have put horrible comments on you and your family's blogs. Thank you for letting us be part of what's happening.

  9. tammy5:11 AM

    Do you know how much we love you too?! You are a celeb. Feel free to turn around and run the other way if you here someone you don't know calling your name like a crazed fan. It would probably be one of us but you never know...

  10. Rosemary5:57 AM

    I found your blog after C and S's acident.. and have read it every day since.. your strength and love and balance -- YES, BALANCE -- have amazed me. I would be so grateful to have a sister and/or in law like you... Thank you for sharing your life with us.. I just wish that we could meet in 'real life' .. we are so different, me the liberal yankee from NY... but I know that we could be friends anyway since we are alike in more ways that matter.. Love for family is important to both of us.. I have said it before, but thank you for taking the time to share with us, and thank you for sharing your life...

  11. Cherie B6:49 AM

    Thanks for our compliment! We are good people. So are you. I'm hitting up TJ Maxx & Home Goods this week in search of a cute rug like your moms! I might even check online! I loved it.
    Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.

  12. that's the way to do it!

  13. Anonymous11:11 AM

    As horrible and trying as this situation has been for everyone involved, I feel so blessed to witness the goodness in it all. I have a feeling that the world is in for some trying times in general, and it is fantastic to see that people are still capable of banding together in tough times. Even strangers. I have no fear for the future after seeing the outpouring of love and effort from strangers everywhere.

    Thanks for all the updates!

  14. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Prayers and hope for Christian & Stephanie as they recover. Families show what they are truly made of when trauma hits home - love and togetherness is to be celebrated in tough times!
    Hoping the brief medical updates continue on Nie Recovery site. Last update 28th Oct. Weekly too often?

    God bless.

  15. I consider myself lucky to be counted among your close friends and to be witnessing the positive effect of all the "goodness" that is out there. I so appreciate the uplifting comments made by others (mostly "strangers") and often find myself with a tear in my eye as I feel the outpouring of love. Thank you for including us all in your journey. We love you, too!

  16. See what I mean? You people rock! :)

  17. We love you, too!! Thanks, so much, for sharing your amazing family with us. Reading about all of you is inspirational.

    ~Heather in CA

  18. Right back atcha!


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