November 02, 2008

Need a new haircut?

If you live in the Mesa/Phoenix area, here is your chance to get a new "do" and benefit a good cause.


  1. tammy6:02 AM

    I love how creative, generous, and thoughtful the people are who are sponsoring these fundraisers. They are all amazing. I also love your piece on finding the balance in your life especially at this time. I've been stunned at times by some of negative unnecessary comments. The love your family has for each other just shines through your words. I continue to wish you all the best and wish I stilled lived in Arizona to get a much needed hair cut and offer support at the same time. I'll follow your lead on this one and not fly in. Instead I'll order some t-shirts. Thanks again for allowing so many strangers into the circle of your family.

  2. I read your family's story in the AZ republic a few weekends ago, and my prayers have been with all of you since. Hoping and praying for a prompt recovery! Hang in there, it sure looks like there's a lot of people praying for you...we all believe in the power of prayer!


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