May 05, 2009

These guys won't be ruling the world anytime soon

Jack and a couple of friends are here right now, and they are playing Monopoly. I use the term "playing" loosely. All three of these boys are 5 years old, and none of them knows how to read.

They didn't ask me for help. They just got out the game and went to work, trying to explain it to each other. I guess they are making up their own rules. The "preschool" version.

It goes something like this:

"Hey, I'm at Hawaii, at the beach."

"You have to pay me $92."

"I get some more money."

"No, you have to pay some money."

"Whose turn is it?"

"We forgot to push the middle thing."

"I get to roll the dice."

"What does this say?"

"That's a mystery mark."

"You mean a question mark."

"Oh, yeah. A question mark."

"You put it in the wrong one."

"We aren't playing the real way."

"You can be the dad banker."

"Who wants a guard?"

"That's not mine. I'm rich."

"Wow, 60 hundred three, twenty nine dollars."

"No, 15.... uh, 15 five hundred. Five."

"Good luck."


  1. Oh so cute! I remember those youngest (also Jack) is 12.

    ::sniff, sniff::

  2. I love it. The mystery mark! How cute!


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