May 18, 2009

12 Years

Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary! Wow, the time has flown by. I am so lucky to be married to my wonderful Jay.

We celebrated on Saturday by going downtown for dinner (we took the Metro "for fun") at the historic Hotel San Carlos, and then to see the hilarious Brian Regan in concert! We had such a blast! Brian Regan is great, and so was his brother, who opened for him. I love laughing with Jay. We were exhausted after so much laughing!

Today was a typical Sunday, but tonight before bed, we looked at our beautiful wedding photo album with the kids, and then watched our wedding video, produced by the amazing and talented Marshall (see his wife's blog here).

Here is a clip from it, below. Holy cow, we look so young!

WARNING: Do not watch this video if you are allergic to "cheese."


  1. Congratulations! Jay looks so much like Colin in this video. Or vice versa.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Time flies when you're with the right person.

  3. Happy Anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, HAAAApy Anniversary! Thank you for marrying Jay and making him so happy. :)

  4. That was some GREAT cheese. Thanks for sharing friend!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Jay and Alice! How wonderful: 12 years!

    We are edging in on 22 years. I think that means we're really old. Or at least married in infancy.

  6. Happy Anniversary! That was a sweet video.


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