June 03, 2009

Bedtime for Frances

Jack asked me to read this to him yesterday. We hadn't read it for a while, and I was happy to oblige.... it is one of my favorites. I love all the "Frances" books (A Baby Sister for Frances, Bread and Jam for Frances, A Birthday for Frances, Best Friends for Frances, and A Bargain for Frances) but this one has special memories.

I used to read "Bedtime for Frances" to my baby brother, Marcus, when he was little. It was definitely one of his favorites. I had it memorized at one point.

However, I made one change whenever I read it to my brother... I substituted "Frances" for "Marcus" and "she" for "he." Marcus loved that.

Another book that I frequently read to Marcus was "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" by Ellen Rudin, A First Little Golden Book version. I have never found another version that I like better. This one is great, and so fun to read aloud. (Yes, I was the "read-aloud queen" in my family, because I do all the voices.) And Jack likes it too.

Marcus is now a college student, so I'm glad that Jack still likes me to read to him. Actually, Collin and Mary still like me to read to them, and I do. I hope that doesn't change any time soon.

And yes, I still do all the voices.


  1. I just checked out a couple of Frances books today at the library!

  2. I love reading all the Frances book when I was little. Such great books!

  3. I remember those stories too. I especially liked your "Billy Goats Gruff" voices. I also remember sharing a bedroom with you when you were dating Jay and watching you get ready to go out with him. One night in particular, I was in bed and you were in the bathroom doing your hair or makeup and you turned on the song "Christifori's Dream" so I could sleep. You were always a good sister that way. :)


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