June 14, 2009

May "Review"

I know, I know.... June is half over and I'm just finally doing my May "review." Here goes:

School got out just before Memorial Day. Collin and Mary both received the "Perfect Attendance" award, and Mary received the award for best music student for the 2nd grade. They both loved their teachers and were sad for the year to end. Here is Mary and her cute teacher. Jack also "graduated" from preschool. He is very excited to start kindergarten in the fall. Here he is with his buddy, Bryce.We left that afternoon to spend the Memorial Day weekend at the cabin. It rained most of the time, but we had fun. We did lots of reading, worked a 1000 piece puzzle, walked around the lake (and watched an osprey dive in and wrestle out a fish!), and relaxed. Mary and Jack made friends with the neighbor's grandkids. We had a good time.Jack and his instant friend, Timmy.


  1. Timothy wants Jack to know that he misses him! Tim says: I would like to visit you next time I come to Arizona. Will you come to our house? You are my friend.

  2. Hi Rebecca! I gave Jack the message.... he was very pleased. :) Hopefully they will meet up again in the future.


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