June 15, 2009


We took our kids to see "Up." We all loved it! I laughed and cried.... quite a bit, actually. (You would have to be made of stone to not get choked-up during this film.)

I think it's now my favorite of the Pixar movies, probably because the story is so human.


  1. I cried throughout the movie too! It was both entertaining and real to life! I agree that it's a KEEPER! I appreciated the scrapbook with all of their ADVENTURES. Life is an adventure, we sometimes forget to take notice of!

  2. I'm glad to hear your take on it! We're excited to go see it ONCE baseball season ends ALREADY - we had a TON of rainouts and the league refuses to CANCEL, only RESCHEDULE into JUNE! Augh

  3. cried? bah! I sobbed throughout at least half of it! well, I'm also pregnant but still!


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