January 20, 2010


Every Wednesday when I workout with Dixie I want to cry, but today I actually DID cry.... literally broke down and sobbed. (I looked at the calendar, and it's not even PMS!) After only 2 sets of the workout! (Five was the plan.) The exhaustion just hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt like I couldn't go on. Of course, she talked me through it and I did two more sets (4 total).

Then I ran 2 miles on Jello-legs. Ugh.

THEN I got back and read an inspiring email from Dixie, and cried again...for a different reason.

THANKS DIXIE! I love you even though I want to curse you sometimes. :)

* I'm down 9 pounds without feeling deprived... eating whatever I want but learning how to control myself and stop eating when I'm no longer hungry.

** If you are ready to change your life, consider signing up at Race Day Training. You can do it anywhere in the world, out of your home.


  1. Congrats, Alice! I'm so glad that you are doing this.

  2. Alice,

    I wasn't sure if this is the right thing to ask but I would love to get a care package to Nie while she is here in AZ. I can mail it but I need an address. I can meet you somewhere too if that is better than giving out an address. Let me know, my heart is aching for her and I really would love to do something for her. Thanks Amie

    you can e-mail me at arsnow@hotmail.com

    PS) I want to look into race day, I am trying so hard to loose weight and get healthy!

  3. 9 pounds and not feeling deprived...that is an accomplishment!

    sandy toe


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