January 10, 2010


Remember how I ran my first race last month? Yes, 5K/3.1 miles. Remember how it took me an embarrassing 46:36 minutes? Pretty pathetic.

Remember how I could hardly walk the rest of the day and how my knee hurt like crazy for about a week afterward? Oh yeah, you wouldn't remember that, but I sure do.

Guess what! Yesterday, about a month later, I ran 3.31 miles in 36:43... without walking once! That is monumental for me.

AND, my knee isn't killing me!

My new goal = run a 10K (6.2 miles)

Next goal after that = work up to a half marathon

I have been training with Dixie of "Race Day Training." You can workout with her online even if you don't live near me. You can't beat $10 a month. Try it!


  1. very cool alice! i'm impressed and a little jealous.

  2. What a great accomplishment! Go for it (and listen to those knees!)...

  3. Alica, I just wanted to write and tell you "WAY TO GO!" I myself has been running for two years now! I can't say that I love it, but I enjoy the time to myself and how I feel after I run. The 10K is my max (done it twice...1hr & 12 minutes my best)! Good luck with a 1/2 marathon.
    Your High School Friend,
    Mistie (Davis) Rash
    P.S. I have been stalking your blog for a while now....LOVE IT!!!

  4. Alica,

    Just realized my daughters name is in the heading...don't know why. She must use my e-mail for stuff. Sorry for the confusion.
    Mistie Rash

  5. ALICE!!!! Apparently I'm not very good at this. Sorry for spelling your name wrong. I do know how to spell Alice, just wasn't focusing...old age I suppose!
    Sorry again,
    Mistie Rash

  6. Hi Mistie! You are funny. I didn't even notice the misspelling until you pointed it out. I guess I'm getting old too. :) It's great to know you are out there. I thought there were only 5 people reading my blog.... I guess there are actually 6!


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