February 13, 2010

Jack turns 6

Jack decided to have a "Carnival" birthday party this year. It turned out really fun. I borrowed some "real" carnival games and used older siblings/cousins to run them.
Jay did face-painting, which was a huge hit! There were lots of fun prizes, and corn dogs for lunch.
Another one down... and only 2 more to go. We only do birthday parties until the kids turn 8. I think I will be sort of disappointed though when we are done. Jay and I both like throwing parties.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    de-lurking to ask why you only throw birthday parties until age 8 - just curious and could use a good excuse for myself!


  2. Good question.... I just kind of threw that in there without an explanation. It's mostly because the kids seem to outgrow the traditional "kid birthday party" by the time they are 8 or 9. After that, instead of a "party" we take them out to a nice restaurant for dinner and they can choose to go do an activity with 2 or 3 friends to celebrate, in lieu of a party. Once they are teenagers then we will start having parties again, if they want, but obviously a different kind of party. I suppose if my kids want to keep having "parties" after 8 then we would be fine with that. :)

  3. better watch out...you're going to get lots of call asking Jay to do face painting at everyone's parties. wow. not surprised, but, in awe:)


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