June 30, 2012

June in Review

We spent a fun morning at the zoo with cousins.  This peacock was really putting on a show for us! 
The highlight of this visit was the lengthy show that the baby orangutan put on just for us, it seemed.  She was really going to town, showing off and making us crack up!  It was quite entertaining.  Obviously I was enjoying myself too much to remember to take any photos.
Mary participated in MCC's musical theatre workshop, and LOVED it, as usual.  I have video of the performance (she was fantastic, of course), but it's pretty impossible to get decent still shots in a live theatre setting. 
Grandma Wendy congratulating Mary after the show.
 My kids read all the "Origami Yoda" books and loved them.  They were delighted when Jay went out and bought some "real" origami paper and I made a Yoda and Darth Vader (following the directions in the books, of course).  Great books with a good message, and very fun!

Jack earned his "Wolf" rank in Cub Scouts.  He had to "wolf" down a bowl of whipped cream to retrieve his award.  He loved it, naturally.  :)

He really loves Cub Scouts and works hard at it!

Collin spent most of the month of June at Scout Camps.... 2 different ones.  Read about that HERE.

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