March 14, 2007

My Phoenix Suns

I couldn't be more pleased. Tonight My Phoenix Suns finally beat the Dallas Mavericks, 129-127 in double over-time. While Steve Nash proved for the 100,000th time that he deserves to be a three-time MVP (and that he is a classy guy, even amidst the usual dirth of bad calls), I got my laundry folded (amidst a little pillow pounding and high-fives from Jay). It was a good night. Photo:


  1. What happened to our SUNS last night? OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

  2. Pitiful! I turned it off. I couldn't even stand to watch it.

  3. Yeah, the last two games have been a little horrific. But, I love our Suns. They'll pull through.

    By the way, did you know that when I click on your name when you make a comment, it takes me to your profile, but your profile page doesn't have a link to take me to your blog. If you change that, you would get more activity on your blog.

  4. Emily,
    Everyone keeps saying that, but I don't know how to do what you are suggesting. Tell and I will do it!


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