March 09, 2007


I think I may have made a mistake. I visited my "hairstylist" yesterday, and decided to go with it little bit of a change. Since then, my kids keep saying things like, "Mom, you look weird," and "You don't look like yourself," and "Mom, why do you look so different?" I guess I don't have the most tactful children in the world. When I told them I "got bangs" they giggled and said, "That's silly." You see, to my children, "bang" is the word Jack uses for this.....
I don't think my "bangs" look that bad. Do they?


  1. ALICE!!! I just published a new post and decided to take a look at your blog when to my amusement discovered that you cut bangs too!!! (Well, YOU didn't do it...)Tara is sitting here with me and we had a good gasp at the coincidence of it all. Take a look at mine... BTW your's look great and Tara says "SHE hasn't worn bangs in forever!" Ha! J and T

  2. That's hilarious! This is the first time I've had bangs since elementary school. I went through high school "sans bangs" even though it was the "Big Bangs" era. However, I managed to make my hair BIG even without bangs. :)

  3. sarah3:02 PM

    Your bangs look great!


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