July 31, 2007

The End of the Summer

We went back to the cabins in Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon again over the weekend. We had a great time. The weather was lovely, and we had wonderful people (her and her and their families, plus J & K) to share it with. We also celebrated Mary's 6th birthday. (I forgot to bring my camera. Bummer.)

We still have one more (whew) vacation this summer. Tomorrow we are off to the ranch in New Mexico for 5 days. And then school starts! Yikes! I won't be blogging again until after that. I promise I will finish my "Ohio Trip" posts then.


  1. We had the BEST time! Thank you so much, Alice! That was so fun and you were wonderful company. Have so much fun at the ranch.

  2. I am sending pictures your way soon.

  3. Will you hurry up with the vacations already. Nobody's blogging. I am waiting for another good recipe! J/K
    Hope you are having a lovely summer!

  4. Are you ever coming back?


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