July 06, 2007

The Fix-it Man

Jay is very good at fixing things. If he can't fix it, he can usually "rig" it somehow. Back in the days when he used to ride the city bus to work, a bus load of cranky commuters were going to be forced to sit and wait for a replacement bus because the escape hatch on the roof had come open (apparently the latch had broken). Everyone was very grumpy and just wanted to get home. Jay didn't just sit there. He got a paper clip, climbed up on the seat, and "wired" the door shut. Everyone cheered, and the bus driver shrugged and said, "Good enough for me. Let's go!"

Yes, Jay's handy-man skills are a blessing.... most of the time. Our 10-year old oven broke this week (see previous post), and it looked like we would have to get a new oven. I was secretly pleased (no, I did NOT break it myself) and was dreaming of a sleek new appliance, when Jay said, "Ha. I can fix that." Oh shoot.

Sure enough, we ordered the necessary part, and it was delivered to our door within a few days. Darn. Now it's installed and working just fine. It will probably last us another 10 years. Oh well.

Now, what should I make for dinner tonight?


  1. Sorry about the new oven.
    when you get really desperate for a new one, we could rig it so he couldn't fix it - ha ha!


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