July 02, 2007

I got that song stuck in my head......

So, I'm at the check-out at Sam's Club this morning, patiently waiting for the cashier. Suddenly, without warning, Mary breaks into a (rather loud) rendition of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

[No, she's not an Elton John fan, but she has seen "Chicken Little" many times. A version of the song is featured during the End Credits.]

I was a little surprised that she knew it so well... all the lyrics too. She is quite a singer.

The cashier didn't seem at all surprised. She just smiled politely.

In the car on the way home, Jack broke into his familiar rendition of "One Little Slip," a song written for the film. It's one of my kids' favorites. It is quite catchy.


  1. That is so funny. We sing those songs ALL THE TIME too! We rented the Chicken Little soundtrack from the library.

  2. I love it! Just the other day I was telling my now 14 year old niece how she used to sing "Baby, baby" by Amy Grant ... and knew every word. Kids are so cool! And OF COURSE you would have song bird kiddos!


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