June 29, 2007

Show Stoppers

Well, June flew by much too quickly. For the last 2 weeks, Collin and Mary were involved in a Musical Theatre workshop through Mesa Community College. Their performance was last night at the Theatre Outback. They had a great time, and did a good job in their performance. They both had short solos, and sang really well. The whole show was great, and was really funny. The directors do a terrific job!

Collin and Mary also had 4 of their cousins in the workshop, and 2 of their neighborhood friends. Grandpa and Grandma came to the performance as well.

Mary (back center) performs "You Can't Get a Man With a Gun"

Mary (front right) sings her solo in "If We Hold On Together"

Collin (end left) performs "Sara Lee"

Collin (back center) singing "Standing on a Corner"


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  2. Alice,Thanks for the clips. It is next best to being there. Cute, cute grandchildren!!!!!


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