June 12, 2007

Oak Creek Canyon

We spent last weekend in Oak Creek Canyon, outside Sedona, near Slide Rock. We had planned this trip a while back, but it looked like it had fallen through. At the last minute it worked out, and we went! It was delightful!

My dad and a business partner purchased Don Hoel's Cabins, which they plan to develop into residential lots. In the meantime, it sits empty, just as it was when the original owners sold it. Sadly, most of the cabins will be torn down eventually. But in the meantime, we can enjoy them.... and escape the heat.
We spent some time at beautiful Oak Creek, just a short walk away. The weather was absolutely perfect, though there were a lot more insects than I'm used to.
The kids enjoyed the playground on the property.
Collin and Mary got brave (after a lot of coaxing), and went for a swim in the creek. It was their first experience swimming in a natural body of water. (I don't count the irrigation in grandpa's backyard, or walking on the beach.) This was real swimming! They thought it was pretty freaky at first, but when they got used to it they had a great time. Fortunately, there were no fish nibbling at their toes. It was the wrong time of day for that.

My cousin (who is "Mr. Outdoorsman") and his family went with us. He set up a zip-line for the kids, and they had a blast.
The grounds are beautifully kept by the caretaker.... whose name is Strider! Jay thought that was super cool, and now thinks he has the "uncoolest" name in the world.
We enjoyed eating our meals outside, and the kids had a great time together, riding their bikes, playing ping-pong, volleyball, and walking in the woods. The grown ups enjoyed relaxing, eating, visiting.... and some playing too. My cousin and his wife braved the crowds and took the kids to Slide Rock, which is just a few minutes away. Maybe I will brave it next time.
On Sunday morning we went to church at the Sedona Ward. Let's just say, it was "interesting." We left after lunch on Sunday (reluctantly), and we can't wait to go back.


  1. Alice, if you go back, we'd love to go!

  2. We are still trying to find a weekend that will work. I will let you know!


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