June 26, 2007

3 Little Fishes

After just a few days of swimming in our new pool, Jack has gained so much confidence! He is swimming all over the place like a little fish. Just a few weeks ago he was begging me not to make him go to swim lessons, and would cling to me with a death grip. Now he jumps in and just swims.... quite well, I must say. He can keep up with the big kids most of the time.
Jack likes to put on his goggles and say, "Mommy, I'm a scuba diver," and then he fetches things from the bottom of the pool, namely these. It cracks me up because he can't seem to remember what they are called.... he usually refers to them as "tortillas" or "mosquitoes." But I know what he's talking about. Mom's know these things.
Jack will surely be delighted with the pool for several more years at least.... probably longer than the pool will last. And Mary too. She has become quite the fish as well. She is perfecting her stroke, learning to do underwater flips, and other tricks. She especially likes to do "Cannon Balls." Collin probably won't be satisfied with it a long as the younger kids, but for now he is thrilled. He thinks it's pretty cool to make a whirl-pool (you can't do that in those big pools with a deep end, so there!), and he keeps asking the other kids if they want to have a chicken fight. But none of them are big enough or strong enough to handle such a challenge. That's just fine with me. Collin definitely likes the "Toypedo" toys too. And he can actually pronounce the word.


  1. That pool doesn't look trashy at all. It looks really nice! You almost convinced me to go to Wal-mart and get one.

  2. Now it's your turn to invite people over to swim in your pool. Ah-hem.

  3. Ah-hem. Liz, I DID invite people over to swim! http://alicedewitt.blogspot.com/2007/06/you-too-can-be-young-and-attractive-in.html

  4. Yeah, but it sounded a lot like the times that people "invited" you to come swimming at their pools and you didn't feel comfortable. :)

  5. mrs. b, if you are wondering why I haven't invited YOU over to swim, it's because you already have access to a pool, right? (a "real" pool) If I'm wrong, let me know, and I will specifically invite you over. :P


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