June 18, 2007

Fathers' Day

Even though I'm a day late, I want to honor three important fathers in my life.

1) My dad, Russell. It is hard to describe what a wonderful father he is. He is kind and wise, supportive and loving, generous and hardworking. He taught me many things, like how to drive a car, budget money, build a house, teach lessons and give talks, respect my elders, and overcome my shyness. He taught me the gospel, to love the scriptures, and to work hard. He gave me many things: my first job, good advice to fill volumes, opportunities to travel the U.S., Canada, and Europe (and infected me with the travel bug), a loving home, and wonderful priesthood blessings. He provided for the spiritual and temporal welfare of a family of 11 children, and has always treated my mother like a queen. He has counseled with me when I have had problems, comforted me when I had my heart broken, and set me straight when I got out of line. By his example, he taught me to love learning, to persevere, to serve, and to be happy. He is also a wonderful grandfather to my children. Thank you Dad. I love you!
2) The father of my children, Jay. I always wanted to marry someone like my dad (even when I didn't realize my desires as such) and I did. Jay is all the things my dad is, and more... he changes diapers. :) Jay is good provider, and a wonderful priesthood leader in our home. He plays with the kids, reads to them, helps them with homework, takes them with him when he runs errands, makes them laugh, and helps them feel special. He also gives them baths and gets them ready for bed. He keeps our yard looking nice, and fixes things around the house. He goes on fathers-and-sons outings even though he hates camping. Unlike my dad, Jay doesn't like to travel, but he does anyway because he knows it is important to me and the kids. He commutes to Phoenix for works because he knows I want to raise our family in the suburbs. He supports me in my church callings, and serves well in his own. He teaches our children to work hard, treat their mother with respect, accept responsibility for their actions, and treat each other kindly. He is patient, but firm. He is fun, but serious. He is intelligent and good. Thank you Jay. I love you!

3) Jay's father, Collin. We named our eldest son after this good man (and my dad for his middle name). Collin worked hard to support his family, and made a lot of sacrifices. He is patient and supportive. He taught Jay how to work hard and how to fix things, and made sure Jay earned his Eagle Scout award. He gives great advice, and stills counsels with Jay about all kinds of things. He loves his family and shows it with affection and service. He shows an interest people and makes everyone feel comfortable around him. I am grateful to him for raising such a wonderful son, and for being a good grandpa. Thank you Collin. I love you!

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