June 18, 2007


Jay and I like to watch movies, and we do it a lot.... mostly at home. Even though we have a tiny television and no surround sound. But going to a movie theatre is expensive.... about $20 just for tickets, and another $20 or so for a babysitter! So, until the day when Collin can babysit, most of our dates take place in our living room.

We used to subscribe to Cleanfilms.com. It worked just like Netflix, but the movies were edited for content. It was great to be able to select any movie that sounded interesting without having to worry about ratings or offensive content. But then the movie studios won, and put Cleanfilms and other companies like it out of business. We were really disappointed. We went back to Netflix, carefully avoiding R-rated films, and many PG-13 ones that are nearly as bad.

Then, my techie brother told me about this, available here, and I bought it. It really works! This is even better than edited movies, plus it's already been through the legal channels to make sure it won't have the problems of its forerunners. Hooray for people committed to providing clean entertainment options!

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