June 05, 2007


I didn't sleep well last night. It wasn't because I couldn't sleep. On the contrary, I was very tired. I had no trouble falling asleep... I did so many times last night. It's just that I was awoken many times too.

It wasn't because I was sick or uncomfortable. None of my children were sick or frightened or otherwise in need of comfort. I didn't have nightmares, or hear scary noises that kept me awake.
It's because Jay was tossing and turning all night. And that is because he was stung by one of these. (shudder)

Yikes! I hate scorpions!


  1. They are evil!! My hubs was stung 2x when we lived in the groves -we moved!!! Was he stung in bed? That would be a nightmare! Our spray guy puts down a powder that the lil creatures crawl through, but hate it, so they clean themselves & die! We knew it worked when we found 2 dead at the base of our garage door on the driveway. Dead is good ;) ciao

  2. Oh My!! I hope he's OK! I don't know that I've ever seen a scorpian in real life. I don't hope to either!

  3. Yes- I have been stung before- not fun

    Hey I think our kids are in the same swim lessons with Shelley?


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