August 16, 2007

Just Jack

Jack had his first day of preschool yesterday. (Yikes! My baby!) He had a great time and came home wearing his "space helmet."
I can't believe it's just me and Jack at home for most of the day!

As I was in the bathroom getting ready this morning, Jack came in and we had the following conversation:

Jack: Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.

Me: OK.

Jack: But just p**p.

Me: OK.

Jack: I'll go in the other bathroom.

Me: OK. (thanks!)

Jack: But mommy, don't talk on the phone.

Me: O .... huh?

Jack and I have been enjoying spending time together reading and playing, and running errands. He has no older siblings to fight with, which is nice. He has turned out to be quite busy, with music class on Monday (with me.... more about that later), Institute on Tuesday (actually, that's for me... with the ladies in our stake.... but he gets to play in the nursery), preschool on Wednesday, playgroup with his neighbor friends on Thursday, and preschool again on Friday. It gives me an hour or two for myself on a few mornings, but boy it flies by fast!

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  1. Alice! Why aren't you posting anymore? Where are you?


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