August 10, 2007

Ohio Trip - Part 5


Day 6 - Monday, July 16th

We decided to check out some antiques stores before we left, so we explored (with "Helga's" help) the Lorain Avenue Antiques district in Cleveland. Wow. I'm not an antiques expert, but I couldn't believe how many shops there were in one place, and how many amazing things each shop had!

I was especially taken in by "Century Antiques." They had the most gorgeous architectural items.... chandeliers, mantle pieces, etc.

And the vintage department store Suite Lorain was quite fun. I was excited to add 2 sets to my growing Salt & Pepper shaker collection.... for a mere $20 total. (I will blog about that one of these days.)
We met back up with my parents and the Barazotos at the Visitors' Center, and spent a little more time there and in the N.K. Whitney store which was fascinating.After lunch, my parents went to work their afternoon shift as park rangers (they were asked to volunteer as part of their missionary service) giving tours at the stone quarry where the stone for the Kirtland Temple was procurred.

So, the rest of us drove over to nearby Headlands Beach on Lake Erie and spent the afternoon there. Until he put his swim suit on, Jack felt it necessary to pull up his shorts (which were already higher than mid-thigh) to keep the water off, since I had pushed up my capris, and Mary was lifting her skirt. (I love his little tan line.)Mary got a kick out of the waves and swimming out to "sea" with cousin Maddy.Jack had fun trying to skip rocks, showing rocks to Daddy, and couldn't stop giggling every time a wave hit him.Collin had a great time playing in the sand (and "surf") with his cousins.And the boys discovered some "sea weed." We all had a great time, and the kids were reluctant to leave.
We joined my parents at the stone quarry (Chapin Forest Preserve) and had a cookout for dinner, and enjoyed the lovely scenery.
That evening we (the adults) were fortunate to be able to attend a special event in the Kirtland Temple. Every year, the Community of Christ puts on a hymn festival honoring Emma Smith, wife of Joseph Smith, who compiled hymns for the early saints. We sang several hymns as a group (including, of course, "The Spirit of God") and listened to a choir of the young sister missionaries (who did a beautiful job), and a local soloist who sang "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief." In between, different speakers gave the history of each of the hymns. It was a very nice event, and I'm so glad we our trip coincided with this annual event. Afterward Dad took us all out for ice cream at Malley's which was a great way to end our lovely trip. We left for the airport early the next morning. We had such a wonderful time, and were very sad to leave. My parents were terrific hosts, and everything was absolutely perfect. Honestly, I wouldn't have changed a single thing.

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