September 13, 2007

British Humour


"Mommy, what is that you are putting under your arms?"

"It's called deodorant."

Jack nodded wisely, as if he knew exactly what I was talking about, and said, "Ooohhhh! De-ogre-ant."

I think he must have been thinking of one of his favorite story books.... "A Box of Ogres," by Tim Healey, and illustrated by Charles Fuge (published in Great Britain in 1991). I would tell you to run out and buy it, but you can't. It's nearly impossible to find. Knowing how much I love children's books, my sister bought it for me when she went to England as a college student, probably 15 plus years ago. (Thank you Helena!)

My kids love the book for it's crazy story and fun illustrations. And we all get a kick out of the funny British phrases, such as "Nip down to the corner shop," and "How would you like a nice, tasty lad to eat?" and "She handed me a five-pound note," and "I daren't think what they're doing to my kitchen." Plus, the use of words like "Mum" (for "Mom"), "dustbin" and "flabbergasted" are a treat. I enjoy reading it in my (pretty decent) British accent.

If you want to make an attempt to find this charming book, you will have to visit the UK, or find some amazing online book shop (which has so far eluded me) with a used copy for sale. (Yes, I already tried Amazon UK.) Sorry.

Though I did find it available from one library... in South Perth, Australia.


  1. Looks like a great book. I'm on the case!

  2. There's a library in South Perth that will rent it to you....


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