September 25, 2007

I've Been Tagged

So, I've been tagged, and because I like Jen, I will respond, even though I don't want to.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago...
1) Learning to be a new wife.
2) Building a house (the one we live in now).
3) Working full-time for my dad's company.
4) Dreaming of having children.
5) Teaching the Mia Maids in Lindsay Ward.

5 Things on my "to-do" list today....
1) Go to Adult Institute at the Stake Center (loved it, as usual).
2) Get a poster laminated at Teaching Tools (done).
3) Make visiting teaching appointments (actually, my companion did).
4) Visit neighbor who just had her first baby (still pending).

5 snacks I enjoy....
1) Smoothies made of mixed frozen fruit and skim milk.
2) Unsalted chips and fresh chunky salsa.
3) Whole grain pita chips and roasted garlic hummus.
4) Fresh fruit.
5) Chocolate and peanut butter

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire...
1) Be a philanthropist.
2) Be a philanthropist.
3) Be a philanthropist.
4) Be a philanthropist.
5) Be a philanthropist.

5 bad habits...
1) Procrastinating
2) Biting my nails
3) Interrupting my husband
4) Taking too long to say what I want to say
5) Eating when I'm not hungry

5 things I would never wear again.... (notice the non-committal "would" rather than "will")
1) Jelly shoes
2) Polo shirt with collar flipped up, and a strand or two of bright colored beads
3) "Skinny jeans" (unless I can ever wear a size 0)
4) Enormous shoulder pads
5) Neon colors from head to toe

5 of my favorite toys....
1) iPod
2) ClearPlay DVD player
3) My new washer and dryer
4) My Steinway grand piano
5) Computer

5 people I tag.... (sorry if you've done this before)
1) Emily
2) Cindy
3) Sarah
4) Melissa
5) Laura

If I didn't tag you, you can still do it... if you want to.


  1. did you mean THIS sarah?

  2. If there are any other Sarahs who read my blog, they can do it too. :)

  3. Great list Alice! I'm glad you did it!

  4. So if I like you, then I have to respond? Because I definitely like you. . .

  5. Yes, because you like me. :)

  6. Like Sarah, did you mean "this" Melissa?

  7. You silly ladies. I figured you would know I meant you because YOU read my blog! (You are just trying to make excuses to get out of it.) But, just in case, I will spell it out for you.

    Emily CRAIG
    Cindy THOMAS
    Sarah HASLIP
    Melissa LEE
    Laura MURDOCH

    Does that help?


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