March 19, 2009

Catch up... again... and thanks to "Anonymous"

Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. I put everything aside for a while when I was feverishly planning an event for church that was moved up 2 weeks from it's original date. I was a little crazy for a while, but it went well.

So, here is an update on what else has been going on.

Collin started his first season playing flag football. He is super excited. Jack started T-Ball, and is very excited too. So, with practices for both of them twice a week, and games on Saturdays, that will keep up busy for the next few months.

The kids have spring break this week. We spent the first few days of it a my parents' cabin, and I didn't take one photo. Oops. Besides preparing meals (simple ones!) I did practically nothing but sit by the fire and read. No projects this time. We did take our usual walk around the lake though. The kids played outside a lot, and got along well. It was a nice, quiet, relaxing get away.

One night at the cabin we watched this movie together. I loved it as a kid. I hadn't seen it in a years, but for some reason I thought of it recently and checked it out from the library. It was just as fun as I remembered. Though the first half is a little slow, we all laughed ourselves silly during the hilarious second half.

Last night we watched "It's a Wonderful Life." When I realized our kids had never seen it, I decided not to wait until Christmas because it's such a great film. So, I picked it from the library too. It's funny though... Jay and I have both seen it many times, but always on TV, so I guess we either always missed the beginning, or it is heavily edited for television, because we both kept saying, "I don't remember this part" during the first third of the movie. It was fun to finally watch the whole thing all the way through.... with no commercial breaks!

Last night we took the kids to dinner at a new local restaurant. I have to say that my kids are pretty darn good ones, and are quite well-behaved in restaurants. Anyway, after we finished our meal, we noticed our server had kind of disappeared, and Jay was getting annoyed because she hadn't brought the check yet. Finally, we saw her across the room and Jay motioned to her that we would like the check. She approached us with a huge smile and said, "Well, actually, some anonymous person has already paid for your meal, and I can't tell you anymore than that. So, have a good evening, and come see us again."

We were quite surprised of course. It drives me crazy to not know who did it, but I can understand their desire for anonymity. It was a good lesson for the kids as we explained on the ride home that there are kind and generous people out there who do things just to be nice, not for recognition. In family prayer that night, Jay made a point of giving thanks for that person.

Whoever you are, thank you!


  1. How nice! When I'm feeling a little blue, I am brought back by the kindness of others. I just wanted a segment on the national news about a free movie night on Wednesdays in an economically-hard hit community in North Carolina. Again, how nice!

  2. Anonymous12:12 AM


    It's your turn.

    Pay it Forward

  3. Anon,
    Exactly what I was thinking... but I won't tell you about it when I do. :)

  4. That's so awesome! And I love your new blog header. Nice work.


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