December 10, 2009

Jedi Don't Dance

I spent the afternoon yesterday helping my SIL who recently gave birth to these 2 sweet Beanie Babies. It was so fun! (Yes, I'm a little baby hungry, but it will have to stay that way.) She is probably exhausted and frustrated and overwhelmed and sleep-deprived, but you would never know it..... she looks gorgeous and skinny and acts calm.

I kicked Sarah out of the house to do some shopping sans kids, and after the babies were changed and fed, and sleeping soundly, I folded some laundry while Jack played with Owen. They were running around with lightsabers and yelling stuff. I wasn't paying much attention until Jack stopped in front of a large mirror and said, "Hey, look at that mirror!" Owen obviously wasn't impressed since he sees it every day.... he said nothing.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jack doing a silly little jig while admiring himself in the mirror. That made me smile. Suddenly Owen got a really intense look on his face and said in a very serious Jedi voice, "Jack! There's no time for dancing! We have a mission! Remember General Grievous?"

I busted out laughing... but I covered it OK with a cough.

And they were off once again on their "mission" to defeat the "big 4-armed robot" (Jack's description).

It's really too bad that Jedi don't dance.... I mean, they would if they could, but they just don't have time for dancing.


  1. OH, that's so funny. So Owen. Thanks again for coming over. I am so grateful for everything you did, including bringing Jack so Owen could have someone to play Jedi-dancing with.

    And we all agreed dinner was delicious!

  2. You babysat, folded laundry, AND brought dinner? What a great sister you are!

    I need to spend more time with that O-boy. I didn't know he was so funny.

  3. That is very funny! I'm so glad you were able to help Sarah.


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