December 10, 2009

A Weird Side-Effect of Working Out

I have discovered that lately any time I do some repetitive motion, whether it's grating cheese, stacking dishes, scrubbing something, etc., I find myself subconsciously counting, as if I'm doing reps.... sit-ups/push-ups/squats/lunges, etc. Weird.


  1. HAHA, Alice! I've never associated it with exercising, but that explains it! I do the same thing! I ALWAYS count the steps when I'm going up stairs. I can tell you how many steps are in almost anyone's house (who has stairs that is). I even count how many cuts it takes to get across the fabric I'm cutting! I guess exercise is good :) It helps our minds in ways we didn't even know!

  2. Maybe you're exercising TOOOOO much?!?!?! Go Girl!


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