April 29, 2010

I Don't Make Crafts

It's not that I don't have the ability, but I lack the creativity, and more importantly, the will.

However, I admire what other people create. There are a TON of talented and creative people out there, especially in the blogsphere. I can copy other people's ideas, and most bloggers generously share tutorials. I see lots of stuff I would love to make, but again, most of the time I lack the will.

But occasionally I come across an idea so impressive, so easy, so cool, and so cheap (!!), that I actually make something! There is a great satisfaction that comes from creating something.

This week I stumbled across this. I was impressed enough that it stuck in my mind. And when I happened to be at a dollar store yesterday, and saw what I needed, I bought it, and made it in the same day! (I admit I have purchased supplies to make stuff plenty of times, and then never got around to doing it.)

Of course, I am much less ambitious than the person who came up with the idea, hence my lack of modge-podge. But that's not the look I wanted anyway. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Just $6 for 3 trays, 2 candlesticks, and 1 little glass bowl from Dollar Tree, and some Gorilla Glue from my husband's junk. It was a piece of cake!

Too bad I didn't have a piece of cake to display on it.


  1. it's really pretty alice! i am impressed.

  2. clever, clever , clever I am going to have to steal I mean copy this idea ;)

  3. Alice, I am right there with ya sister! I love the ideas, but lack the will, hence, my scrapbook room filled with TONS of supplies and no scrapbooks to show for it. I love your serving try, and I might have to make one too! So awesome! thanks for being real. Admitting you are not a crafter takes some guts in our culture. Plastic grapes anyone???


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