April 26, 2010

Multiple Choice Quiz

You found a new recipe online that sounded good. You made it for dinner tonight and it's, well, practically inedible and your family thinks it's disgusting.

What do you do?

A. Make your kids eat it anyway. (You can try to make your husband eat it, but I wouldn't recommend it.)
B. Gag is down yourself, pretending to like it, and let your kids go to bed hungry.
C. Admit that it's gross, toss it, and bring out the cold cereal.

I picked B. I really wish I had picked C.

What would you do?


  1. This happened to me a couple months back with a gruyere quiche. Jason wanted A but I just laughed it off and chose C. It made for good blogging.

  2. If even my husband didn't like it, I'd probably give in, because he likes almost anything. Other than that I'm usually a stickler. They have to at least take a few bites. We call them Thank You bites as in "Thank you for making me dinner." If they don't finish, they can choose to be hungry.

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Either cold cereal or breakfast for dinner.

  4. Hindsight is so clear, isn't it? I'm wondering what you made.

  5. Totally C!! We all make mistakes (even if it wasn't your fault.) Why punish yourself? Like Sarah, I'm wondering what you made!?

  6. I hate when that happens. (I hope it wasn't a recipe I have ever posted) That would be awful! I have chosen option B before - bummer for everyone.

  7. i'm afraid i'm a B kind of girl. dang it.


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