February 20, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say

Jay took Mary and her friend to the park yesterday so they could roller-skate around.  After skating for a while, the girls were tired and looked for a place to sit down.  Jay overhead this conversation between Mary and her friend, Brooke, when they discovered a park bench with a plaque on it, dedicated to someone.

Mary:  Why does this bench has someone's name on it?
Brooke:  That must be someone who died.  They must have died on that bench!
Mary:  (wide-eyed)  Oh!  We better go sit somewhere else!

This evening we were all in the car and drove past a housing development called "Lindsay Park" that has been there for a few years.  Mary said, "Wow, it's taking a really long time for them to finish building that park."  Jay and I looked at each other, confused.  There was no park in sight.  I finally realized Mary had misunderstood the term "park," so I explained that was just a name for the subdivision.  "Oooohhhh!" she said and seemed relieved.  "I was wondering what was taking so long!"  Then she laughed at herself.  Jack was listening, but obviously wasn't very interested.  He said, in a very superior voice, "Huh.  I wasn't even curious about that."

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