February 13, 2011

Jack's 7th Birthday

Jack turned 7.  He had an "Army Bootcamp" party with some friends.  He was so glad that his cousins, Oliver and Nicholas, happened to be in town so they could come!  Yay!

The party turned out really fun.  When the boys arrived (in their camouflage wear) they received a hat, dog tags, and had their faces painted (by Jay).  Then they had "bootcamp" training.... through the obstacle course, target shooting, assembling their (marshmallow) guns (from PVC that Jay spray-painted camo), and having a "marshmallow war" (darn, I didn't get a photo of that... I was busy in the kitchen!).  They also ate tons of homemade pizza, cake and ice cream, and s'mores.  It was WAY too much food, but it was great.

Happy Birthday Jack!  We love you!  I can't believe my baby is 7.  Boo hoo!

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