November 02, 2007

Now do you get it?

My sister featured me on her blog yesterday. I'm flattered, but kind of embarrassed by something. I guess it's my own fault for being so vague with the title of my blog.

Even my own sister thought my title referred to me being a "kind" person. Though I would love to be known as a kind person, I'm afraid that is not always the truth.

She did get it right that "aliceknd" = my first name + middle name initial + maiden name initial + married name initial. But the "i" is in there to create a word similar to "mankind" or "humankind," as in "alice-and-her-husband-and-children."

So, I hope that clarifies things.

And thanks, Liz, for thinking I'm kind. I'm not so sure about the part where you point out my big nose, and how I'm SO much older than you. But I'll forgive you, since that would be the kind thing to do.


  1. 1) I did not use the words "big nose".
    2) You ARE older than me - by like 12 or so years.
    3) The above were all compliments!
    4) I simply thought that the "k{i}nd" thing was your way of reminding yourself to be that way or as a reminder to us all. I don't think anyone thinks you are a self-proclaimed "nice person".
    5) My point in blogging about you was to let everyone know that I have a really great sister that I love and admire!

    P.S. Thanks for the ride to the airport this afternoon!

  2. Um, I always thought that it is because you are KIND too. And I am going to continue to think that. It just suits you.

  3. Alice dear, you are one of the most KINDest people I know and you've shown me that kindness over the years and you cannot convince me otherwise. I love you my k{i}nd friend. Love you a whole lot...

  4. STOP IT! Now I'm really embarrassed. I was NOT fishing for compliments, and Liz I was just teasing! I think I just stuck my blog foot in my mouth.

  5. I got the "kind" thing, but I think the word kind suits you quite well. I only remember you always being kind. So, sorry for the embarrassment, but you are just way to cut. And no, I don't think you were fishing for compliments - you just got them anyway.

  6. I didn't mean cut - I meant cute.


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