November 15, 2007

"You gotta get some mawble cawlumns!"

I became physically ill while viewing the photos of this house ("house" hardly qualifies as an appropriate term for this monstrosity), which Emily blogged about. (Don't take the "Property Tour" on a full stomach.) It certainly can't be called a "home" because no one could actually live a normal life with a family in such a place... you would never SEE your family. Obviously, they were going for the palatial look. It's really ridiculous, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Then I had a good laugh when I realized anyone can get this look by following the instructions from one of my favorite SNL skits.


  1. I'm getting myself some mahble cahlumns for the driveway right away.

  2. This looks similar to a home that is under construction in the same neighborhood as the Draper temple (which is also under construction). Our high councilman,who has a fairly modest home with fabulous view across the street from the temple,is moving because he doesn't want to live near the opulence,excess.

  3. That is pretty dang funny.

  4. Looks like the Von Trapp family home. Geesh!


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