June 30, 2008

45 Years

My parents celebrated their 45th anniversary on Saturday. Aren't they cute? My mom wrote the following to her family on that day:

"After 45 years we still love each other...even more. We woke up this morning on our anniversary day in a very quiet house. We love having people live with us and visit everyday, but it was a very special treat to just have each other on June 28th. It was just the way we started 45 years ago….alone. Our gourmet breakfast was Russ's famous omelet with Pico de gallo. As we savored every bite I was thinking that eternity would not be right without this fabulous food. No one makes a better omelet than my husband!!!!

After a few Saturday chores, Russell asked me where I wanted to go for lunch and I chose the Royal Palms Resort on 52nd Street and Camelback. It is just a few blocks away from were I grew up and I love going back to visit my old neighborhood. Today memories flooded back as we passed 56th street and I thought of my last night at home on Valencia Lane with my wonderful family. I remember I had a little wave of sadness at leaving, mixed with excitement about my upcoming marriage to the most wonderful man in the world and our dreams of life together.

One never knows exactly what life will bring, but if a marriage begins the Lord’s way and we fulfill our roles, walking by faith, great joy will come. For us it took faith to bring eleven children into our home, having learned from the first few that it is no easy task to care for a child’s physical and spiritual needs. We were willing….and the reward has been great!"

My parents have an amazing relationship, and they are a wonderful example to me (except that I'm not going to have 11 children!). Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! And thanks for being such wonderful parents!


  1. So cute (their portrait) and inspirational, thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fashionable, handsome couple! Christian looks so much like your dad.

  3. Happy anniversary Bro. and Sis. Nielson! That picture is darling!


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