June 20, 2008

More photos from Rocky Point....

Mary had such a blast hanging out with cousin Perry, even though she is almost 6 years older than Mary. She is such a good pal!

We forgot to bring our kite with us (even though I put it on my packing list). Jay asked another guy on the beach where he got his, in case there was somewhere nearby we could buy one. Later, the guy brought his kite over to Jay and said, "We aren't using this right now. Would you like to use it for a while?" What a nice guy!

I couldn't resist including this photo of Mary and her namesake, my Mom a.k.a. "Grandma Mary." She is rarely included in photos because she is usually the photographer. I suppose that is partly the reason I'm not in very many photos, but the main reason is that I... well, let's just say I'm not thrilled about the way I look. On the other hand, my mom (who has the grandkids convinced that she is "29 and holding") looks fabulous! Can you believe she gave birth to 11 children??? She is the most amazing woman in the world! (And not just because she is looks so good.)

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