June 20, 2008

Cousins and Lego's

My kids never get tired of playing with their cousins. Besides the ones who live nearby, my sister and her kids are in town for a month... she has one the same age and gender as each of my children, so they are thrilled.

All day long I have had a total of 6 boys (ranging in age from 4-10 years old... and Mary) playing at my house.... swimming, eating (holy cow, these boys can eat a lot!), swimming some more, and playing with Lego's.
Have I told you how much I love Lego's? Well, I do. They are the best toy ever invented. They keep all 3 of my kids busy for hours. Every child who comes to play at our house wants to play with them. When the grandkids are at my mom's house, that's what they want to play with.

They have also been playing with these little Star Wars space ships as well, which are always a big hit around here.
But nothing compares to good ol' Lego's.

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  1. We agree with you 100% about Legos! They are GREAT!


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