July 08, 2008

4th of July Weekend

We had a fun weekend up north, away from the heat. We drove up Wednesday evening to my parents' cabin in Pinetop. Then we spent the day on Thursday hanging out with Jay's family at his parents' place in Vernon (about 30 minutes away).

Grandma's latest acquisition
The cousins all played baseball on the front lawn
And of course they loved riding Grandpa's "four-wheelers"

We spent Friday (July 4th) in St. Johns (another nearby town) where we have every year since I can remember. My mom's sister lives there, and it's fun to visit with family and enjoy the small-town activities, like the BBQ and foot races at the park.
Jack took 3rd place.
Here is Jack showing off his prize quarter (1st place wins a dollar coin, 2nd place a 50-cent piece, and everyone gets a box of Cracker Jacks).
Mary took 2nd place last year, but didn't place this year. Same with Collin (for some reason I didn't get a photo).

I think Jay probably won't race again after he took a spill this year and may have cracked a rib! (Darn those sneaky pot holes in the grass!)

Mary had to climb her favorite tree... like she does every year.

On Saturday, we had a reunion with my dad's side of the family in Snowflake (yet another nearby small town). I have many happy memorizes of summer fun in Snowflake. We met at the park where all the cousins enjoyed playing together, and we did lots of eating, playing, visiting, etc. Jack with his buddies Sam and Juliette

Jack and Sam with their precious water balloons

My cousin took all the little kids for rides in the pony cart. What a treat!

Jack was too afraid to ride one of the big horses, but he finally got brave enough to ride the pony... with plenty of assistance from my awesome cousins. (The one in front in single... any takers?)

Here is Collin riding. Mary rode too, but apparently I didn't get a photo (though I did get some video). Hey, I even rode a horse for the first time in at least 15 years! Thank goodness there are no photos of THAT! (I think there is some video though... uh oh.)
Sunday we went to church in Pinetop and enjoyed more visiting and nice cool weather! My favorite thing to do when we go to the cabin is hang out and talk on the porch swing. Ahhh.

We decided to drive home Monday morning instead of fighting the Sunday afternoon traffic. Back to the heat. Bleh.


  1. We're glad you guys came up that day. The talent show wasn't the same the next night without Jay emceeing(?) I have video of the infamous crash too if you're interested. ;)

  2. Alice,
    Hey it's been nice to see what you are up to. What a fun, cute family you have. If you send me your email address (cooksaz2mchsi.com) I'll send you an invite to my blog. I'll be thinking about your book delema too, but some kids just aren't readers. You may just have to be glad about not having to fight her on getting the minum reading time in. My kids weren't as interested in reading as I'd like them to be until this summer I started bribing them-some where in the process they found they like to read.


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