July 15, 2008

I can see clearly now....

During the last half of the school year, Mary would frequently complain that she couldn't see the chalkboard at school and insisted that she needed glasses. I was worried that it was peer-related, since I knew that several of the girls in her class wore glasses. Nevertheless, her teacher put her in the front row.

I mentioned all this to the pediatrician when I took her in for a well-visit a couple of weeks ago. She did a quick vision exam, and said her vision was about 20/70. So I finally took Mary to an eye doctor.
She got glasses this week. She is so excited! She doesn't need them all the time, but she has been wearing them anyway for the novelty of it. Now, wherever we go, she is constantly saying things like, "Look at that! Wow, that sign says...." I feel kind of guilty for doubting her.

I can remember getting my first pair of glasses. I had just graduated from high school. I got them just for driving and wearing in class. But the first day that I got them, I drove to Target to get something, and I marveled as a walked around the store... I could see everything and read all the signs!!!! What a feeling.

And now I marvel that I can see clearly without glasses or contacts. Hooray for Lasik!!!!!


  1. Aaawwww.... she looks so cute in them! Tell her I said they look adorable! When I first got my glasses, I too was shocked at what I could see, and the things I was oblivious to before that now stood out. It makes you wish you would have gotten them earlier.

  2. I too fell guilty to not being intuitive enough with Addie. It took my brother visiting to point out that Addie sat too close too often to the TV. And her grandpa is an eye doctor! No excuses there except poor mothering I guess. And now we are the glasses family, Mary can be a part of our cool club.


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