July 21, 2008

With a little help from Ikea

I have never liked the light fixtures on our front porch, and in the entry way of our house. Yes, I picked them out, but I had to do it really quick and I didn't know what I was doing, and when you are building a house you have a million things to choose and you are trying to save a money anywhere you can, and besides it was over 10 years ago and they are outdated now.

So, time for a change.

On Saturday we went to Ikea and found this little guy for our entry way for a mere $35. (I'm still trying to save money.) I love it, and it gives my entry way such a boost. Funny how something so simple can make me so happy. Every time I walk by it I look up and smile.

Watch out porch light... you're next.

P.S. I love having a handy husband. Jay installed that thing in nothing-flat. He has many other talents as well. And no, I do not loan him out.

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