January 04, 2009

Christmas Day

The kids got up at about 7 o'clock on Christmas morning, which I thought was pretty good. They were very excited, of course. Mary got roller skates....
.... and a bike.
The boys got lots of Legos (among other things).
And I got a new kitchen sink and faucet! (I picked it out myself.) I love, love, love it!We went over to my parents' house again for my dad's yummy omelets, and Lizzy made waffles with her Christmas present. Mmmmm.

Then I spent the rest of the day playing Legos with the boys (I love Legos!) while Jay installed my presents. It's so nice to have a husband who is handy!


  1. Roller skates, a new bike, and a new kitchen sink...definitely the way to a girls heart! Glad everyone had a great Christmas!

  2. My boys got Legos too! My 10 yr old got a small Lego Indiana Jones set (one of the ones in your picture) and it is a coveted item in this house!!! :) He won't let his brother touch it. Santa made a big mistake in giving the 4 yr old a big box of Duplos. He won't touch them. He wants Nathan's Legos!! Arrgh!

    Looks like it was a great day for your family.


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