January 04, 2009

The Day After the Day-After-Christmas

On Saturday (the day after the day-after-Christmas), we went to the grand opening of the Metro Light Rail. Jay was helping greet people at one of the stations, so the kids and I took the train from Mesa over to meet him. It was super crowded!
We met up with Jay and then we all hopped back on the train and headed downtown. There were lots of fun things going on... booths, live music and entertainment, food samples, etc. We also took a quick tour of the newest wing of the expanded convention center.
I think it was the first time we did so much walking around downtown with the kids... we have always gone by car before! We were worn out! We stopped at District at the Sheraton for lunch. Oh yum!!!!! The kids were very well-behaved, even though they were exhausted.
Then we explored the hotel a bit. (Collin and Mary didn't get to go to the grand opening because they were in school.) Here they are in the lobby. And checking out the view from the 28th floor.It was a fun day.

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