October 01, 2008

New Digs

It was a busy day.

This morning I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony/grand opening of "Jay's Hotel." Jack got to come with me (the other kids were at school). There was a good crowd there, and Jay received a well-deserved "shout-out" from the president of the convention and visitors' bureau. It was fun to mingle and have so many people greet Jay and congratulate him. He is quite popular. :)

Also, he was pleasantly surprised to be credited on the plaque in the lobby.

This afternoon I visited Christian in his new digs. Yes, he went to the rehab hospital after all. He has a very nice large private room. When I arrived he was just returning from visiting Stephanie at the burn center. We visited a bit, I read him this article from the Ensign while he ate lunch, we had a visit with a doctor, I read my book in the waiting room while he had a shower and dressing change, I wheeled him to the dining room for dinner and he ate while we visited with a man who was in the burn center at the same time as Christian (and his wife), went back to his room and talked some more. My parents had arrived by then, and I left with a promise to bring Christian some more vitamin water. He loves that stuff.

I was planning to go back tomorrow, but he has a pretty full day of therapy scheduled, so I may not be able to see him. I will perhaps go visit Stephanie instead.


  1. I am so encouraged to hear that Christian is making such great progress! I think about both of them daily. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and the Clarks.


  2. Way to go Jay! That's impressive.

    I'm so happy that Christian is doing so well. We're still praying for the whole family!

  3. Thanks for the updates about Stephanie and Christian. Also, congratulations to Jay - very impressive!

    I just finished making your whole wheat pumpkin muffins - yum! Thank you for that recipe (and all the others you've given me over the years). I made the muffins using "fake eggs" for even lower fat, calories, and cholestrol. And of course, the best part - I can safely lick the batter (the best part of baking!)

    I had to chuckle when I read cjane's blog today in which she referenced muffin cups. As I searched my pantry to make your w.w. muffins, I was pleasantly suprised to find some Halloween muffin cups - how appropriate!

  4. I express my deepest sympathy to the family. I lost my wife to cancer 6 months ago,she was only 30


    I am inspired beyond words in a time a darkness in my life


  5. So you rubbed shoulders with the "big wigs". Good for you and your husband. :) I assume this ribbon cutting was for the same place you had that wonderful sounding dinner the other night. It sounds like a great place to say while in the Pheonix area.

    I am glad to hear Christian continues to heal and get stronger. Hopefully, the rehab center will be a short stop to home. Prayers to all of you, Christian to get stronger both physically and emotionally, as well as miracles for Stephanie.

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  7. That story totally reminds me of our (Jay's and mine) H.S. marketing convention. Somebody kept getting cheered and I had no idea it was Jay. Always the center of attention.......HAHAHAHAHAHa. You know i'm kidding.
    Glad to hear about Christian and can't wait to make the muffins.

  8. Hi Alice. So, is the rehab hospital attached to the burn center? I'm just wondering how big this place is?

  9. Hello, my name is Emily Stephens...I live in Phoenix and came across the blogs of your sister-in-law and you. I cannot express to you how very sorry I am for the tragedy that you, your family and most of all your brother and his beautiful bride are going through. My son was ran over by a car in April (he was 17 months) and spent 12 days in the hospital. He underwent 4 surgeries and had skin grafts done on almost his entire right arm, his right hand, his belly and his left thigh. He was a very blessed, much watched over little boy and the skin grafts took 100%. I know for sure, that only through the power of prayer, was our Dylan so lucky. Your blog brought me to tears and reminded me of how powerful prayer is. I know my son's accident is so very small compared to what you guys have been through, but I understand your pain and will keep you in my prayers!

  10. Hi Alice ~ I just came across your blog and I wanted you to know that Christian and Stephanie (and all of you) are in my heart. Thank you for the updates as they continue to heal.

    Congratulations to your hubby on "his" beautiful hotel! Gorgeous!

    All my best,
    Heather in CA


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