October 03, 2008


As Jack and I were eating grapefruit this morning, he offered me this great bit of advice:

"Close your eyes when it's about to squirt at you."

He's right, you know.


  1. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Kids are really smart, aren't they!

  2. Hey, that is the truth....That's great advice!....Hi Alice, Thank you for your continued updates with your family. I hope all is well. Love and prayers from the east coast in PA...The Shaffers

  3. Hi Alice, I just want to thank you for your updates about Christian & Stephanie. I hope you don't mind me checking your blog-- I'm new to the bloging world. But I think about you all every single day & we continue to pray for them in all our prayers. It is also fun to catch up on your cute family. (Love the grapefruit advice! :) Your entire family is full of talented, creative & strong people & we are really blessed to know you. love, aimee keller

  4. He's right, you know! LOL I too am new to blogging and only got the courage to blog after reading Courtney's. I found a link to your page on one of her comments and I am so happy! Tonight I have read everything since the accident and I love the descriptions of the visits with your brother and Stephanie. Your families have impacted so many lives, people you will probably never know. I feel blessed to meet all of you and share in these vignettes of your lives. Thank you for sharing with us! I will continue praying for all of you.


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