October 21, 2008

Busy Weekend - Part 2

On our way back from the hotel on Saturday, we stopped by my parents' house to collect our kids, and then headed over to downtown Mesa for the Blissfest and Nie Recovery Carnival Fundraiser.
I wish I had more pictures, but I was so overwhelmed at how amazing it was that I forgot to take more! What a great thing to see so many people who were volunteering to help, and all the people there making purchases for a good cause.

I met the amazing and talented Kristin of Domestic Bliss. What a great lady! She has a gorgeous store, but even more wonderful is her willingness to do so much to help someone she hardly knows. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (Click here for some GOOD photos of the event.)The kids had fun too, even though it was unseasonable warm... OK, it was HOT!
Also, a huge thank you to the amazing Reachel Bagley who heads up NieRecovery. You are another one of those angels!

On Sunday we all attended church with my parents to hear my brother report on his mission. He did a fantastic job. We are all so proud of him. He was a great missionary.

It was also my mom's birthday, which we celebrated after our big family dinner together. My mom is the most amazing person I know... no offense to all you other amazing people out there, like Reachel and Kristin. She is my role model, my idol... and if she had a blog (well, actually she does, but she has never written anything on it), she would be just as popular as NieNie. :) My daughter, Mary, is so proud to be named after her.

Yesterday, two of my sisters and I took Mom to lunch. We had Indian food and had a great time talking. I am so lucky to have such great sisters too!

Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best!


  1. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy it.

  2. Wish I could have attended that great celebration and fundraiser.

    Courtney just did a great blog about your mom as well. Sounds like an amazing person.

  3. anonymommy4:14 PM

    It looks like it was a fun festival! I love the "curtains" on each booth--so cute!

    I'd love to hear about your mom's theory on drinking distilled water--can you tell us more about that?

  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    wow. what a weekend. anyway, i wanted to see if you knew where we could get those shirts? there are so many of us here in austin that want to support nienie with these shirts and spread the word.

  5. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Please Alice, Can you make the 'for the Love of Nie' t-shirts available for us to order? I believe the sale of the t-shirts could help.

  6. Such a fun weekend! I couldn't make it to the fund raiser. I am so glad it went well! Your mom is so amazing! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

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  8. I think your mom is amazing too!

  9. I know there is something in the works for the sale of the shirts... I will let you know when I found out.


  10. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Thank you Alice! I just have a feeling that they will go over well and that the beautiful T-shirts will be a good way to spread the word. Since I first heard of Nie & Christian on the Today show I have visited her blog & cjane's & yours. I have told my daughter of Stephanie & she has told her friends. They are all young mothers (I have just ordered 'The Mother in Me' for Sarah). There is something so inspirational about all of you & we here on the east coast are saying a little prayer for you daily. Stay strong, Lisa in Atlanta

  11. I know we are all grateful Jay married you. Not just because we think you're great, but your family (especially your mom) is so amazing also. I'm proud to call them relatives by marriage twice removed (or whatever it is ;)


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